DRAW Pneumatics Balancers

DRAW Pneumatics Balancers are manufactured with internally mirrored steel cylinders, aluminum components, Viton rubber rings and retainers, for durability.
They are used in a wide variety of applications in the general industry especially where moving heavy parts require light and precise movements. The bag produces three basic models in the horizontal or vertical version, as shown in the table:
PV/H-40, recommended for loads of (5 a 50 kg)
PV/H-63, recommended for loads of (20 a 120 kg) and
PV/H-80, recommended for loads of (80 a 220 kg)
The Pneumatic Balancers mounting in articulated arms facilitates and enlarges the applications, allowing movements in x, y, z.

Models Capacity
PH - 40 5 to 50 Kg
PV - 40 5 to 50 Kg
PH - 63 20 to 120Kg
PV - 63 20 to 120Kg
PH - 80 80 to 220Kg
PV - 80 80 to 220Kg