Spring Balance

DRAW Springs, also known as mechanical or retractable balancers allow companies to reduce production costs increase productivity improve ergonomics at the workstation, and minimize worker strain.
DRAW Balancers are manufactured with first quality materials providing long life.
Spare parts are always kept at your disposal so that your balancers will never be stationary for long periods.

Increases Productivity and Security

DRAW Balancers keep the tools in balance for action, minimizing movements needed to bring the tools from "rest" positions to "work" position. They decongestion the work area..

Model Capacity (Kg)
P05 From 0,0 to 0,6 Kg
P1 From 0,0 to 1 Kg
P2 From 0,5 to 2 Kg
P3 From 1 to 3 Kg
P5 From 2 to 5 Kg
P8 From 4 to 8 Kg
P10 From 7 to 10 Kg
P12 From 9 to 12 Kg
P15 From 11 to 18 Kg
P20 From 17 to 23 Kg
P25 From 22 to 28 Kg
P30 From 27 to 34 Kg
P35 From 32 to 38 Kg
P40 From 36 to 43 Kg
P45 From 42 to 49 Kg
P50 From 47 to 54 Kg
P55 From 52 to 58 Kg
P60 From 56 to 65 Kg
P70 From 64 to 76 Kg
P80 From 72 to 86 Kg
P90 From 82 to 96 Kg
P100 From 94 to 108 Kg
P110 From 104 to 116 Kg
P120 From 112 to 132 Kg


P05 to P2 Models

To load: Turn counter-clockwise the wheel to the left.
To download: Press the spring ring to the right.

P03 to P12 Models

To load: Turn clockwise the spindle to the right, with aid of a standard fixed key.
To download: Press the spring ring to the left

P15 to P120 Models

To load: Turn clockwise the spindle using the hex nut.
To download: Turn counter-clockwise the same spindle. By using the handle, you can adjust and set the cable length and let it out of the balancer t o have the tool within your reach.

P35 to P120 Models

These models have safety systems (Malta’s Cross and Reel Lock)
In case of breakage, they lock the system holding the load in position. They also have a brake system, which allows a slower control of the load return, braking simultaneously the reel in case of breakage.